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Should All Teeth Be Restored if Broken or Diseased?

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Shiv Sharma, DDS
Should All Teeth Be Restored if Broken or Diseased?When you have multiple missing, damaged, or decayed teeth, you may be tempted to have all your remaining teeth extracted and start fresh with a full mouth of replacement teeth. But if you have even a few healthy natural teeth remaining, saving those teeth and replacing only the damaged ones is usually the best option.

Why Natural Teeth Are So Important

Healthy teeth are rooted firmly in your jaw, maintaining the structural integrity of your face and preventing jawbone deterioration. When you are missing teeth, your existing teeth shift position in your mouth. This shifting not only leaves gaps in your smile which leads to decay and further tooth loss, but it redistributes the pressure on your jaw as well, causing the bone to wear down unevenly and get resorbed in places. Eventually, not having natural teeth in your jaw causes significant bone loss and facial collapse. That is why people with complete dentures develop sagging skin and a sunken facial appearance.

If truly all of your natural teeth are broken or diseased, or if you have already lost all of your teeth, then your only option is to restore both arches of teeth – whether this restoration is through dental implants and crowns, the all-on-4 method of implant-supported dentures, or removable complete dentures. But if you have one or more healthy teeth remaining, there is usually no reason to remove and replace them. The remaining teeth can help stabilize partial dentures, or they can work in combination with implant-supported crowns or bridges to give you a strong, beautiful smile.

The Cost of Replacing a Full Mouthful of Teeth

Replacing a full mouthful of teeth comes at a significant cost, both financially and through the amount of time and effort it takes. Getting a full set (top and bottom) of dental implants can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take up to a year, with multiple surgeries and healing time in between. Choosing to keep your remaining healthy teeth instead of replacing all teeth can save you a significant amount of money and spare you from unnecessary tooth extractions and implant surgeries.

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