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Do Dental Myths Stop You from Getting Proper Dental Care?

Posted on 12/21/2020 by Shiv Sharma, DDS
Do Dental Myths Stop You from Getting Proper Dental Care?There are all kinds of myths surrounding dental care. Whether you are talking to a friend about a dental problem you are experiencing or looking up your symptoms online, it is not unusual to find contradictory information about oral health. This can make it confusing to know when and how to get proper dental care. Here are some common dental myths that we would like to clear up today.

Brushing Hard Makes Your Teeth Cleaner

Many people assume that the harder you brush, the cleaner your teeth get. You might even think that one session of aggressive brushing before a dental checkup is enough to undo months of less-than-perfect oral hygiene. The truth is that brushing your teeth too roughly can actually damage your enamel, make your teeth more sensitive, and cause your gums to recede. You should only ever use a soft-bristled toothbrush, and apply just enough pressure that you can feel the bristles against your gums. Never brush so hard that your gums hurt or bleed.

If Your Teeth Are Not Bothering You, There is No Need to Go to the Dentist

A key part of dental care is preventing issues, not just treating them. Some conditions, like gum disease, might not cause any pain or symptoms in their early stages. If you wait until you are experiencing discomfort to seek care, the problem may have already advanced to the point where a more complicated, invasive, or expensive treatment is required. Keeping up with your routine dental checkups every six months is the best way to make sure you do not have an underlying dental condition that could develop into a more serious problem if left untreated.

Diet Soda is Okay For Your Teeth

Most people know that sugar can lead to cavities and tooth decay, but not everyone is as concerned about the effect of acid on their teeth. While diet soda does not contain sugar, it does contain high levels of acid. Acids can erode tooth enamel, making your teeth more sensitive and vulnerable to decay. Unsweetened tea and coffee are also acidic beverages that can be harmful to your teeth. Contact our office to learn more about these and other common dental myths.

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