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How Extreme Weather Changes Can Lead to Dental Pain

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Shiv Sharma, DDS
How Extreme Weather Changes Can Lead to Dental PainIf you notice dental pain that seems to show up every time the weather changes, you are not alone. Weather changes involve fluctuations in atmospheric pressure that can cause aches in people's joints, sinuses, and even teeth. Read on to learn more.

Why Do Pressure Changes Affect Your Body?

Atmospheric pressure, or barometric pressure, measures the air pressure of Earth's atmosphere. When there are significant changes in temperature or humidity during storms or seasonal changes, fluctuations in barometric pressure cause different parts of your body to expand and contract in an attempt to equalize your body's internal pressure levels. People with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis often experience increased joint pain during weather changes. Muscles, tendons, nerves, and scar tissue can swell in response to atmospheric pressure fluctuations as well.

How Does the Weather Affect Your Teeth?

The expanding and contracting that occurs in response to weather changes can happen all throughout your body, including in your head and mouth. The sinuses are particularly sensitive to barometric pressure changes, which is why your ears “pop” when you fly in an airplane or visit an area with a higher altitude. Sinus pain is a common response to weather changes for many people, and these aches can be felt in the teeth as well. This is because your teeth, jaw, and sinuses share many of the same nerve pathways, especially in the back of your mouth. Just as sinus pain can be felt in your teeth, dental pain can be felt in your sinus cavities; in fact, many people with TMJ disorder experience symptoms like earaches or a sensation of facial pressure. Additionally, your teeth expand and contract in response to temperature changes, which can also contribute to dental pain.

While you cannot control the impact of atmospheric pressure changes on your body, there are certain steps you can take to prevent your dental pain and sensitivity from getting worse when the weather changes. Practice proper oral hygiene and avoid habits that can increase tooth sensitivity, such as brushing too roughly, grinding your teeth, using tobacco, or consuming a lot of acidic beverages. Call us today to learn more.

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