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The Earliest Signs of Gum Disease to Watch For
Posted on 3/25/2020 by Shiv Sharma, DDS
Gum disease comes in two stages. The early stage of periodontitis is gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums. In the earliest stage, the gums become inflamed and may easily bleed when you brush your teeth. While the gums may be irritated, you will not notice any problems with your teeth. They usually are firmly established in their sockets. During this early stage, you can reverse the disease, as tissue damage or bone loss has not yet occurred. Why You Should Treat Gingivitis Immediately The early form of gum disease should be treated promptly so it does not advance to the next stage – a stage that can lead to the loss of teeth. When people experience advanced gum disease, both the bone and an inner layer of the gum pull away from the teeth. When this happens, pockets form. The pockets collect food debris, leading to infection. When the body fights back, toxins and poisons are formed, which destroy both tissue and bone. The early state of gum disease can result from one of various reasons. Hormonal changes can lead to gum disease as can certain illnesses, such as cancer or HIV. These illnesses break down the immune system, which can trigger gingivitis. Certain medicines can also lead to gingivitis. Some of the drugs that cause problems include some anticonvulsant medications or anti-angina drugs. You can also develop gingivitis from smoking. Smoking makes it difficult for the gum tissue to repair itself. Poor oral hygiene and a family history of dental disease also pose a threat. If you believe you have an early form of gum disease, you need to see us right now. Schedule an exam and cleaning so we can assess your gums and teeth. The earlier you tackle the disease, the more chance you have for a complete recovery....

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